Amy B. (4/21/10)
- Burbank

This is a local spot for me and I've been in to share pizza and salad with friends which I really enjoyed.  Salad was fresh and the pizza was thin and yummy.  However, I am writing this review based on a catering order I placed for a client lunch I had for about 15 people.  I ordered sandwiches and salad, fresh homemade potato chips and convinced them to bring some cookies for dessert.  Upon delivery I found out that the owner's wife had made the cookies herself and they were delicious!  They need to add them to the regular menu!

Anyway, everything was delivered fresh, on time and was enjoyed by all.  I recommend this place to anyone who wants a great meal whether it's for 2 or 22!


Libby W.
- Los Angeles (4/14/10)

LOVE this place. I used to work right across the street and ate lunch here all the time. The linguine bolognese is literally the best I've ever had, anywhere. Most of the time that's what I order, but every now and again I'll branch out and quite frankly everything is good. But the bolognese sauce is THE BEST! Sometimes I'll get cravings for it when I'm at home, which is not close by so I'll try to satisfy the craving with a more conveniently located linguine bolognese and it's always a huge let down. So now this is pretty much the only place I'll order it.

The staff are all really friendly and knowledgeable, and they have good happy hour specials during the week.


Adelade S.
- Torrance, CA (2/6/2010)

I am eating my leftovers as I write this. It's still delicious the next day, even cold.

We went in on a Friday night, 9PM. The restaurant was almost full but as soon as we walked in we were greeted and seated.

Our server was fantastic. Very nice and attentive. He was even super apologetic for our food taking long, which we didn't even notice, but he still bought our 2nd round of drinks.

We started with mozzarella caprese. Yum. We had the mushroom lasagna and the eggplant dish. Yum and yum. Oh, we even ordered a side of asparagus, which was cooked perfectly and was mighty tasty.

Will definitely go back. Food was amazing. Service was excellent. The end.


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                                                                                                              Overall Rating 

This is a great little hidden gem that has great food.                    5 out of 5

An absolutely wonderful dining experience!  
The atmosphere and live entertainment are only
secondary to a delicious meal and great service!!                         5 out of 5

From the moment we hit the door we were welcomed
and it just felt so friendly. The food was great as well as
the Plymouth Martinis =0) We will visit again soon with
friends and make it our new neighborhood hang out.
Really good Jazz.                                                                                   5 out of 5