We serve Organic and Natural Products whenever possible.  Our Vegetarian & Vegan menu items highlighted in green.

Insalate e Antipasti  (Salads & Appetizers)
Insalata Di Rucola con Pomodorini, Gorgonzola e Noci: Organic Arugula, cherry tomatoes, Gorgonzola & walnuts with red wine, shallot vinaigrette $11.00
Insalata Burrata: Arugula & cherry tomatoes under a cream-filled fresh Mozzarella, drizzled with virgin olive oil and a Balsamic reduction    $10.00
Insalata Caprese:  Sliced Roma tomato with fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Balsamic reduction and extvirgin olive oil $10.00
Insalata Mista:  Local Organic field greens, tomatoes, cucumbers & shredded carrots  with Balsamic vinaigrette $7.00
Insalata Trittata:  Chopped Italian Salumi (Italian deli meats), cheese, olives, organic field greens & croutons with Balsamic reduction (East Coast Antipasto) $9.00

Add Chicken Breast to any Salad - $4.00   
Your choice of salad served on a freshly baked 10” pizza crust – add $2.00

Calamari Fritti:  Fried breaded squid with Marinara sauce  $10.00
Affettati della Casa:  Select Italian cold cuts, Parmigiano & Kalamata olives  $12.00
Bresaola Carpaccio (aged, cured beef):  with Arugula, shaved Parmigiano & lemon Dijon dressing $12.00
Hot Buffalo-Style Chicken Wings: Served mild, medium or hot $8.00
Zucchine Fritte: Fried breaded zucchini $6.00

Zuppe (Soups)
Minestrone (Vegan Vegetable Soup) $5.00
Zuppa del Giorno (Soup of the Day) $5.00
Zuppa di Pesce (Seafood Soup - Friday & Saturday only) $7.00

Panini (Focaccia baked daily in our kitchen)
Available alla Griglia (grilled on a press) or Freddi (cold); Soy Cheese available for substitution - $2.00

#1.  Prosciutto: with Fontina Cheese
#2.  Bresaola: Dried Cured Aged Beef & Fontina Cheese $10.00
#3.  Funghi: Portobello E Peperoni Alla Griglia:  Grilled Portobello Mushrooms & Roasted Bell Peppers with caramelized onions $10.00
#4. Calabrese: Imported Italian Spicy Salami (Pepperoni style) with Fontina cheese $8.00
#5.  Salumi: A variety of cured Italian meats (including Salami, Capicolla & Mortadella) $8.00
#6.  Tacchino:  Sliced Turkey with Fontina Cheese $8.00
#7.  Melanzane: Fried Eggplant and Marinara Sauce with Fontina Cheese $8.00
#8.  Pollo Parmigiano: Pan-fried breaded chicken breast with Marinara Sauce and Fontina Cheese    $8.00
#9.  Caprese:  Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil $8.00
#10. CiaoCristina: Fresh and roasted marinated Roma tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella and Basil  $8.00
#11. Salsiccia: Italian sausage with grilled bell peppers & caramelized onions $8.00
#12. PLT: Pancetta (Italian bacon), lettuce & tomato $8.00
#13. Polpette:  Southern Italian style meatballs with Fontina cheese $8.00

Pasta, Pastissi (Lasagna) e Ravioli
Choice of penne or linguini

Bolognese: Northern Italian meat sauce (All natural beef) $14.00
Pomarola: Sautéed cherry tomatoes, Marinara sauce & fresh Basil $12.00
Pesto: Genovese style Basil & Garlic, olive oil & walnut sauce $12.00
Alla Vodka:  Light vodka tomato sauce $12.00
Poma Pesto:  a combination of our Pomarola and Pesto sauces $12.00
Polpette: Southern Italian Meatball in Marinara sauce $14.00
Salsiccia: Southern Italian Sausage in Marinara sauce $14.00
Aglio e Olio: Extra virgin olive oil with roasted garlic, crushed red pepper & shaved Parmesan $10.00
Pastisso Alla Bolognese: Lasagna with classic Italian meat sauce $12.00
Pastisso Di Funghi: Mushroom Lasagna with Besciamella sauce $11.00
Ravioli Di Funghi Porcini: Porcini Mushroom ravioli with Besciamella Sauce $14.00
Ravioli Di Quattro Formaggio: Four cheese ravioli with Besciamella Sauce $12.00

Risotto (after 5:00 pm/1700)

(Please allow 15 minute prep) Arborio Rice slowly simmered with your choice of:

Vegetariano: Seasonal vegetables  $15.00
Pollo:  Chicken $16.00
Frutti di Mare:  Seafood (calamari and shrimp) $16.00

Entrees (Secondi)
Bistecca e Asparagi: Flat Iron Steak finished with Juniper Berry demi-glaze, grilled Portobello mushroom and Asparagus $19.00
Salmone Alla Griglia: Grilled Wild Salmon with braised Fennel & Sautéed Spinach topped with a fresh tomato herb medley $18.00
Melanzane Parmigiana: Layers of Fried Eggplant slices topped with melted Fontina cheese, Besciamella Sauce and Parmigiano Padano $12.00
Calamari Fritti:  Fried Calamari with our own Marinara dipping sauce $10.00

We Serve Only All Natural Chicken
Mezzo Pollo Arrosto Con Patate Arroste: 1/2 roast chicken with roasted potatoes or sautéed spinach
Petto Di Pollo Alla Milanese: Boneless chicken breast lightly breaded & pan fried w/grilled vegetables $14.00
Petto Di Pollo Alla Marsala Con Funghi: Boneless chicken breast in a light Marsala/mushroom sauce served with grilled polenta or linguini $14.00
Petto Di Pollo Alla Parmigiana: Chicken Milanese with Parmigiano & Fontina cheese, served over Linguini Pomarola

Split Orders - $2.00 extra

Bread Basket available upon request

Contorni (Side Dishes)

Asparagi Alla Griglia: Grilled asparagus drizzled with extra virgin olive oil $6.00
Funghi Trifolati: Sautéed mushrooms $6.00
Radicchio Alla Griglia: Grilled red radicchio $6.00
Zucchini Alla Griglia: Grilled zucchini $6.00
Polenta: Slow-cooked Italian cornmeal drizzled with extra virgin olive oil $4.00
Sautéed Spinach $4.00
Sweet Potato Fries 
Regular Fries or Freshly-made Potato Chips $3.50
Regular Fries with Gorgonzola $6.00

(All Fries & Chips Prepared in Zero Trans-fat Oil)

Bevande (Beverages)

Boylan's Natural Cane Sugar Soda
(much tastier & healthier than other traditional sodas)
  Caffé ( Italian or American Style)
Cola, Lemon-Lime & Ginger Ale' diet (Splenda) Cola & Black Cherry  $2.50 Espresso, Decaf-Espresso
$2.00/double $2.50
Boylan's Bottled Soda: Root Beer Orange, Black Cherry
 $2.50 Macchiato  $2.50
Organic Tropical Ice-Tea
 $2.50 Cappuccino, Caff é  Latte, Caffé Mocha
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade, Arnold Palmer, Variety of Italian Sodas, including Root Beer
 $3.00 Donovan's Irish Coffee (made with Irish Mist)
Energy Drinks $4.00 Caffé Latino (made with Kahlua)
    Caffé Coreeto (Grappa, Sambuca, Amaro)
    Te Vari/ Variety of Teas $2.50

Mineral Water
We produce our own Natura Mineral Water in Frizzante (Sparkling), Naturale (Still) & Mezzo e Mezzo
(½ & ½) helping to make our planet greener by reusing bottles & eliminating the need for
 transportation & waste.  Ask your server for a taste!
Bottle  $4.00  /  Refill $1.00

Dolsi (Desserts)
Gelati & Sorbetti (dairy free)
a Variety of Artisan Style Natural Flavors
Single Scoop $3.00 / Double Scoop $4.50 / Triple Scoop $6.00    Italian-style Pastries
Cannoli     $4.00   /   Torte         $6.00

We can accommodate parties of up to 50 people.

Ask us about catering service (on and off premise).

Parties of 6 or more – 18% gratuity will be added. 

Only 3 split checks allowed per table.


We Bake Napoletana (NY Style) Thin Crust Pizza
Our dough made fresh daily in our kitchen

16” Cheese Pizza:  Tomato Sauce & Whole Milk Mozzarella
       Slice (Al Trancio)       
10” Cheese Pizza: (Individual size) Served Italian style (unsliced) or
       American style (sliced)          
Calzone (Ricotta cheese) / Stromboli (Mozzarella cheese): Folded Stuffed Pizza $10.00

Served with tomato sauce on the side – toppings extra   

Toppings (fresh ingredients when available):
Additional cheese, anchovy, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, roasted Roma tomatoes, eggplant, grilled onions, Italian pepperoni, mushrooms, Kalamata olives, roasted garlic, roast peppers, Salumi: a medley of Italian cold cuts (Mortadella, Salami & Capicolla – may be ordered separately), arugula, sautéed spinach, pancetta, Italian chicken sausage. 

By the Slice:    Add    .50              10” Pizza/Calzone:     Add $1.00                16” Pizza:      Add $2.00

Prosciutto, Bresaola (Beef Prosciutto), Meatball, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

By the Slice:    Add   $1. 00         10” Pizza/Calzone:     Add $2.00                16” Pizza:      Add $3.00

Soy cheese substitute – 10” or 16” only      Add $2.00 (10”) or $3.00 (16”)
Pizza Margherita: Fresh Mozzarella cheese & fresh Basil      
10" - $12.00 16" - $18.00
Pizza Bianca:  Cheese & olive oil (no tomato sauce)   10" - $12.00 16" - $18.00
Pizza Quattro Formaggi:  Tomato sauce topped with Mozzarella ,
Fontina, Gorgonzola & Parmigiano
10" - $12.00 16" - $18.00
Pizza Genovese:  Pesto sauce & Mozzarella cheese 10" - $12.00 16" - $18.00
Pizza Gelosa: Mushroom, artichokes, Capicolla, sautéed spinach &
Kalamata olives
10" - $14.00 16" - $20.00
Pizza CiaoCristina!: Roasted Red peppers, Green olives, fresh and
roasted marinated tomatoes, with fresh Mozzarella and Basil
10" - $15.00 16" - $21.00
Pizza di Bosco: Porcini reduction sauce with grilled Portobello and
White Button mushrooms topped with Mozzarella
10" - $15.00 16" - $21.00
Pizza All’Accademia: Margherita with Prosciutto 10" -$15.00 16" - $21.00
Pizza San Trovaso: Vegan no-cheese with tomato sauce, roasted
garlic, mushrooms, & caramelized onions
10" -$12.00 16" - $18.00

Proud members of the Green Restaurant Association
Contact us for your catering needs.  We can accommodate small to large parties.